DJ Service

No wedding or any other event is perfect without music. For a blend of perfect and bouncing music on your perfect big day, DJ Wedding San Diego offers you its DJ service. We have a team of professional DJs who can rock your ceremony just in minutes. Whether it’s a wedding ceremony, a reception ceremony, an engagement ceremony, a post-wedding ceremony, or any type of ceremony or party, we can make your ceremony special and unforgettable for you with our music. Our DJs collaborate with you and prepare the musical tunes and beats combinedly with your specifications and our ideas. Not only this, we play for every segment of your ceremony. We own high-quality sound systems with wireless mics and secure cables along with other equipment through which we can gather everyone on the dance floor in seconds and can keep everyone dancing till the end of the ceremony.

DJ Service Package:

DJ Wedding San Diego offers you a rocking event within your budget range because we want to make your special day a perfect one with lots of happiness and energy in it. Our DJ service package includes:

  • 7 hours of performance time
  • Audio equipment with wireless mics.
  • 3 days for preparation time.
  • Musical beats and tunes for different segments of the event.
  • Mock testing before the event day with our clients.
  • Additional space for any specific musical demand from the guests.


The average cost of this package is $1,100. The price can vary due to performance time, preparation time, and other factors upon your request.

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