Cinematography Service

DJ Wedding San Diego offers you its cinematography service through which you can save the memories of your special day perfectly and beautifully with us. We have a team of professional videographers who will film every moment of your event with our high-quality videography cameras. Whether it’s your engagement ceremony, your wedding ceremony, or any other event, our team will shoot all the emotional, happy, and lovely moments not only for you but for your guests as well so that they can remember their delightful time at your ceremony by looking at the videos. We ensure that your big day is saved as it is in our cinematography as it was in reality so that you can relive your special day anytime you want in just seconds!

Cinematography Package:

DJ Wedding San Diego would love to film every moment of your big day in the most beautiful and mesmerizing way. For this, we offer you our package of cinematography service which includes:

  • 4 videographers.
  • 4 videography cameras.
  • Lightning and other necessary equipment.
  • 7 hours of shooting time.
  • Drone for an aerial shoot.
  • Online access to all videos.


The average price of this package is $2,400. The price can vary on your specifications regarding the shooting time, the number of videographers, cameras, and other factors.

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