Project Description

Our client contacted us for the lighting services on her wedding day. Our team started by inquiring about the lightning setup she wanted. Based on that, on the big day, we used different lights including pin lights, up lights, disco lights, spotlights, rooftop lights, fairy lights, and many others in every single corner of the venue for a fairy tale mesmerizing look of the wedding venue. The hard work and passion of our team resulted in the happiness and satisfaction of our client because our lightning has made her big day photoshoot and videography ten times more beautiful and adorable.

Our client wanted us to:

  • Light up every corner of the venue.
  • Design and match the lightning according to the overall venue and theme of the wedding.
  • Manage the overall lighting according to every segment and throughout the wedding.

I selected DJ Wedding San Diego for the lighting on my wedding day because I have heard many positive reviews of their services and they fulfilled my expectations and proved their hard work with their perfect lightning service which changed the look of my wedding venue into a fairytale wedding venue. I am really glad about their work and recommending them to everyone else as well!

Sarah Christian